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Prudential: Getting Young Adults Ready for Insurance

The Challenge

PRUlife ready is a life insurance policy specially created for young adults.

However, young adults have different priorities in life, and we have to bear in mind these crucial facts.

• They are just starting out in their careers and are barely making enough to survive.
• They live in an age of instant gratification. Enjoy now, save later.
• They believe that they are invincible and that the world is at their feet.
• They would rather spend on a new mobile phone than an insurance policy.

And if we pushed them to buy, we would only push them away.

How do we convince young adults to even consider insurance?

The Idea
To win them over, we had to engage them in conversation. Not to sell insurance, but build a relationship with them.We provoked young adults into thinking about their lives, and got them wondering if they were truly ready to take on anything that life may throw their way.
We chose to talk WITH them, not AT them.

The creative expression was

Are You Ready?
Going into the one place we knew young adults were already talking – Facebook, we created an R U Ready Facebook page – a platform for young adults to voice their concerns about life. Topics range from career choices to relationships, and even from health to finance issues. It is a reference source for young adults to share tips and advice as they help each other navigate through life.Of course, that meant we had to give them a reason to eye-ball our Facebook page in the first place.Img7



Digital, Mobile and Onground were our key engagement platforms, and music became our driving currency.

We collaborated with Busco, an up-and-coming indie band. Being young adults themselves, they reflected our target audience’s position in life.

Together, we created a song that was to become the rallying anthem for young adults. Its lyrics were made up of Busco’s own personal experience and uncertainties in navigating adulthood. The song too, was called, “Are You Ready?”

We dominated the airwaves and cinema screens. We also plastered QR stickers that led to Busco promo video on Facebook, all around town.

To get our target audience more involved, we invited them to contribute to the making of Busco’s first music video by sending us images or videos of their own life-defining moments. If their images or videos were selected, they win RM1000 each in cash, and a few seconds of fame. We received overwhelming response.



The Results

  1. Within a month from our FB page going live, we attracted over 23,000 fans, and conversations between Prudential and young adults were in full swing. Our closest competitor whose FB page had been up for one year currently weighs in at only around 3700 fans.
  2. More than 10,000 shared the ‘R U Ready’ anthem with their friends. Busco’s own FB fan page saw an 80% increase in new followers.
  3. The Busco music video engagement campaign generated over 2000 entries.
  4. Most importantly, despite an unconventional campaign that didn’t have the luxury of heavy ATL support, Prudential achieved its 6-months new premium sales target for PRUlife ready, within the first 3 months.





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