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F&N: Dancing with the Mob!

Agency: IPG Mediabrands

Client Brand: F&N


F&N Fun Flavours has been the symbol of FUN in Malaysia and was threatened by Fanta’s launch. Both targeted youth.

F&N had to continue to own “FUN” in an excitingly infectious manner with a segment that is very cynical towards advertising. We could not allow our “Fun Drink” and Awareness scores to erode.


Malaysian youth love Reality dance programmes and events! However, they are a shy bunch. A significant majority are spectators, NOT participants.

We realized that if a group danced together, it will take away the fear of having to dance alone. So we decided to organise a massive dance mob in youth infested Bukit Bintang. But it was no ordinary mob!

Marrying, F&N custom dance with Augmented Reality, F&N made them the STARS of their own Augmented Reality dance show.


We engaged them in three phases:

Trigger - Marrying F&N Custom Song & Dance with Augmented Reality, we seeded training videos to trigger frenzy.

Amplify - TV Hosts and Radio DJs ignited interest with videos of them doing the dance. The largest LED screen was hijacked and converted into an AR screen.

Participate - An AR app on F&N’s facebook, allowed youth to dance anytime and anywhere, culminating in Malaysia’s largest dance mob, generating extensive coverage.

Case 1 – Social by Design


In a competitive carbonated drinks category:

_25,000 participated in Largest Ever AR Dance Mob.

_91% youth were reached (3.86 million).

_+18% in “Spontaneous Brand Awareness” & +17% in “Fun Drink” scores vs one year ago.

_F&N grew 3.5% in volume share, outperforming category growth.

Source: IPG Mediabrands,