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First of its Kind Motion Sensor a Huge Success

Rally LogoRally Malaysia and World Markets Asia executive director, social media, Derek Tan said, the fact there is no industry benchmark to measure this app, is a sign that the invention had a good pull factor to engage the target audience.

“The response we received is a huge success as this is the first time such an App was introduced in the market. The curiosity and interest shown in the App itself tells of the success the innovation has delivered. These numbers are very encouraging, the fact that the challenge of the campaign was to get the current passive-generation to exercise,“ said Tan.

Rally, the social media arm of global media agency network IPG Mediabrands, and it’s media agency Initiative were behind the creation of the first ever motion sensor phone app activated by a trigger.

Tan said that other brands have previously used motion sensors in their advertising and products such as Nike+ and Adidas Mi but this is the first time it is being used with a trigger.

“While other brands have tapped into motion sensors before, this is the first time a brand is milking the dual potential of a phone by enabling the motion sensor through augmented reality.”

Rally chose to trigger the app via augmented reality because it allowed better accessibility to the app.

“Now anyone can access the app at any time as long as they can scan a 100Plus logo,” said Tan.

To add to the comprehensiveness of the app, various badges were created to intrigue the community and give them reasons to try the app at different occasions.

The app was designed in conjunction with the ‘100PLUS Malaysia on The Move’ campaign.

In tandem with the tagline ‘Let’s get moving with 100Plus’, the brand encourages Malaysians to get on their feet and start being active.

Inspired by the fact that today’s generation has a passive attitude towards exercise, the app was designed to further push the campaign’s  objective, to motivate Malaysians to get moving and lead an active lifestyle.

Tan said they designed the app with the intention to make exercise easy and rewarding.

“People today are less motivated to go out and exercise. They prefer the comfort of driving instead of cycling, taking the elevator instead of the stairs and snuggling up with their tablets and smart phones instead of physical activity.

“So we decided to make exercise fun and easy, bringing it right into their comfort zones.”

The app uses the motion sensor built in all smartphones to detect specific exercise moves such as jumping jacks, squats and shoulder circles, and event detects cheating.

Rally together with media agency Initiative and its tech developers, were quick to recognize the ability of the smartphone as to raise the inventiveness of the campaign.

Initiative is the agency on record for F&N, the parent company of 100Plus.

It took just over a month to take the app from concept to completion, said Tan.

“It is probably the only app that detects exercises based on specific movements required to carry out the move. A correct move will be indicated by a beep.

“If a person tries to cheat by performing a ‘lazy’ version of the exercise or perform half the movement, the phone can detect this and will sound an error buzz.”

To participate, download the app from the Appstore or Google Play, install and launch the app, then register via Facebook login.

Scan a 100Plus logo (can or bottle) with your device to activate a challenge level which specifies different exercise moves.

Each time you successfully complete a set of exercises, you will be able to unlock a new level and win prizes.

The app was part of an integrated communications campaign that included TV, Radio, Digital, Print, Instore promotions and displays.

To promote the app, Initiative together with Ensemble, IPG Mediabrand’s branded content department, developed tutorial videos featuring celebrity actress Scha Alyahya and Bunkface who also appeared in 100PLUS’s roadshows where they demonstrated how they used the app.

Initiative also planned Digital support around the campaign.

This is the second groundbreaking app developed for F&N by Rally, with the first being F&N Orange Bubble Blaster, an app that allows users to interact with an F&N commercial using their mobile phones .

Source: IPG Mediabrands,