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FedEx Overtakes DHL for the First Time!

Agency: OmnicomMediaGroup

Client Brand: Fedex


In a market dominated by DHL, FedEx needed to…

  • Reinforce its brand recall among “Implementers” (office executives)
  • Revive interest and…
  • Encourage usage of its International Economy Service by offering a 21% cost savings

Spreading the word about details of the promotion needed to be done repeatedly and resources were limited.
OmnicomMediaGroup Fedex 2












We decided to target public transport commuters, many of whom would be administrative staff responsible for deciding or influencing purchase decisions and where we could have a reasonable presence along the routes of the Klang Valley LRT system

Our target would be repeatedly exposed to our message when commuting to and from work


We took advantage of the 4 minutes waiting time for a train. A ‘spot the difference’ creative execution was used to draw attention to the 21% savings and these were placed, at eye level, along platforms at key LRT stations used by office executives


  • Top-of-mind awareness in Malaysia shot-up with 7% increase, to become the highest in many years
  • For the first time, FedEx brand recall and usage surpassed DHL
  • Not being satisfied with just looking, some commuters actually circled the ‘differences’ they spotted on the LRT light boxes.