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The Volvic Bottle is Redesigned by eYeka’s Community

image 2The Opportunity

No other mineral water other than Volvic offers as much of a connection to nature, with its unique volcanic origin. Danone’s challenge was to refresh the 50cl Volvic bottle design as an iconic bottle, which conveys status and desire while getting more presence on the shelves especially when it is placed alongside soft drinks.


We asked our community to develop original packaging ideas for the “on the go” 50cl bottle. Our brief: “Restyle the 50cl Volvic water bottle! Express your vision of the future of the Volvic “on the go” bottle.”

We included the essence of the brand and some basic guidelines, leaving enough room for our creative community to express ideas that may not be typically found within traditional design agencies.

Resultsimage 1

In 3 weeks only we received 109 packaging ideas from over 27 countries. Most entries successfully weaved dynamism, premiumness and desirability into the essence of Volvic’s DNA – its naturality and volcanic origin.

The speed of execution, quality of entries and attention to details helped Volvic’s design team visualize potential routes and arrive at an agreement on which direction to follow much quicker than with a traditional packaging design process.

As an added benefit, the analysis of entries uncovered several secondary unique attributes of the brand and built on the project’ scope with additional logo redesign proposals and brand positioning ideas.