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The Opportunity

Mini-Oreo cookies while being a phenomenal commercial success (and a tasty treat) did not have their own identity and personality in relation to regular Oreo cookies.

Kraft was interested to explore potential positioning and communication platforms for Mini-Oreo but with a new approach that would have given consumers a greater voice.


We asked members of our community across the globe to tell us what they see as unique to Mini-Oreo in a poster or a print ad. This “advertizing” format was chosen to force consumers to choose the single most important message they wanted to communicate about Mini-Oreo, while allowing for visual expression.

Our brief was introduced as follow: “You have just created Mini-Oreo cookies and now you want to introduce them to the world! Make your own print ad on why Mini-Oreo is so special and unique that it’s the best choice!”

The Resultimage 1

In 3 weeks, our community provided 515 creative ideas from 42 Countries. Our analysis identified several promising territories unique to Mini-Oreo such as a license to be more playful, a unique perspective on the World and the opportunity for social connections and bonding through sharing.

The visual representations of consumers’ ideas were of such quality that they could instantly be used for consumer testing and as inspiration and direction for all the parties involved in this major positioning exercise, accelerating the process of finding a unique positioning for Mini-Oreo that will delight consumers.