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Dutch Lady: Crowdsourcing Product Innovation

Agency: IPG Mediabrands

Client Brand: Dutch Lady


Dutch Lady, Malaysia’s leading Milk brand faced the challenge of increasing milk consumption in the country. At an average of 1.3 glasses per week, Malaysia’s per-capita milk consumption was the lowest in the region. Neither do Malaysians consider Milk to be an adult drink, nor are they fond of the taste.


We at IPG Mediabrands had to engage & re-acquaint consumers with milk and its benefits. The entire country was anticipating the General Elections, giving us the perfect platform. Pointedly, social age consumers’ love working with brands and developing something new.

As taste was the biggest barrier, we worked together to “find” Dutch Lady’s new taste. We decided to hold elections in Malaysia, but with a difference!

Dutch Lady held the “MILK ELECTIONS”, and for the first time launched a fully crowd-sourced flavour.


The inaugural “Milk Elections” was contested between “Red-Bean”, “Moo-Melon”, “Caramel-Toffee” & “Sweet-Corn”. The canvassing began online, on radio, on TV, with the super-cute mascots asking for votes; and massive rallies were held across the nation which viralled instantaneously.

Even celebrities turned-up to support their favourite flavor on TV and social media and rallied their fans to vote in Facebook.  People got to sample the flavours across the country & cast their ballot to crowd-source their favourite milk flavor.

Case 2 - Crowdsourcing Product Innovation


232,000 ballots were cast, and Sweet Corn won the elections with a big fight from others.

1.17 million sampled the 4-flavours, generating 3.5 million social media conversations.

7.1 million witnessed the campaign; increasing per-capita milk consumption by 2.7%.

“Sweet Corn” was sold off within weeks of launch, increasing Dutch Lady’s market share by 6%.

Source: IPG Mediabrands,