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Drypers Renovates and Expands its Range

Agency: BrandCare Group

Client: SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Brand: Drypers

The Brief

Market Leader Drypers is well-known for its full range of diaper products – new born baby diapers, baby diapers and baby pants.

The brand needed to contemporarize its look and feel. So the objective that followed was…to refresh the Drypers brand, reinforce its leadership status, and that included the intent to expand the product range – to include toiletries for babies.

Embarking on a brand renovation exercise, BrandCare was roped-in to strategize the new brand architecture, refresh the brand’s signature, and renovate the package design as well.

In with the New

Drypers New











The company claims positive results with an increase in market share since the re-launch. The visibility of Drypers toiletries range surged upward at the shopping-end with penetration into additional retail outlets and more shelf-facings. This was further bolstered by the high consumer equity enjoyed by Drypers.

Word was that the re-design and re-launch had the competition rushing to improve their package design as well.

Out with the Old

Drypers Old









Source: BrandCare,