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Driving Sales in the Stagnant Biscuits Category

The Product

Cream Crackers is the largest segment in the biscuit category. It’s a staple in Malaysian households specially in the mornings and teatime. Every cracker in the market comes in the same boring square shape.munchy march 1

Munchy’s Cream Crackers however, had one simple and very awesome USP that sets it apart from the competitors. It’s dip sized. Munchy’s designed it based on the understanding of Malaysians’ way of eating crackers – dunking. Now you don’t have to break the square cracker in half. It also comes in convenient individual sachets. Perfect for people on-the-go.

The Challenge

Naga DDB had to drive sales for a very stagnant category. They were also fighting for the attention of a target segment that is the attention of almost every brand – working female Malays with families. To add to the challenge – a small budget to create maximum impact.

The Idea

In a world where the ‘Unique’ in USPs are in very short supply, we’re lucky to have something really unique – Dip-sized cream crackers. A perfect companion to any steaming hot beverage.

So Naga DDB positioned Munchy’s Cream Crackers as Kawan Cawan Anda (your cup’s best friend)!munchy march 2

The Execution

With only a limited budget available, the decision was made to tie-up with Media Prima and leverage on a well-known celebrity newscaster – Azizah Ariffin in order to create affinity with the female Malay community. Instead of using her merely as endorser, they decided to play up on the ‘Kawan Cawan Anda‘ tagline by weaving her into a story.

The story features Azizah Ariffin on her tea break after a filming session. Behind the scenes, she’s about to dip her Munchy’s Cream Cracker into her coffee, but before that happens, a swarm of cups rush towards her. They’re all fighting for Azizah’s attention. ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ they almost seem to say as she’s holding onto her Cream Cracker.

The TVC was further supported with POS showing the iconic friendship between the cracker and a mug of coffee with the line Kawan Cawan Anda.

The Results

Like the cups in the commercials, the audience swarmed to supermarket shelves to get their hands on their very own pack of Munchy’s Cream Crackers.

Kawan Cawan Anda was so well-received that it helped grow Munchy’s Cream Cracker sales by +18% Year-on-Year. That’s nearly 4 times more than the Cream Cracker segment overall growth. More importantly, we didn’t have to rely on ‘buying’ market share via aggressive discounts and promotions.

It goes to show that great ideas that have razor sharp insights can overcome a challenging and crowded marketplace. Give us a call if you’re in need of a Kawan Cawan Anda of your very own.

Source: Naga DDB Insights,