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Coke: Happiness in a Bottle!

Agency: IPG Mediabrands

Client Brand: Coca-Cola


Amidst a tough year and of high-spending telcos, Coke was facing the risk of losing affinity with the Malaysian youth.

Though popular, Coke was becoming just another brand in the CSD landscape.

The challenge was to ensure that Coke was heard over the din of advertising clutter and to reinforce Coke as a brand that delivers ‘Happiness in a Bottle’.


As Malaysia aspires to compete and collaborate with the world on an equal footing, the onus of bringing that dream alive falls on the youth.

Coke being the icon of stubborn optimism was uniquely placed to help the Malaysian youth with a platform to prove themselves.

Coke enabled a first-time ever cross-continent collaboration between Tomok – a relentless musician who rose to national fame in a heart-lifting saga and the famous British rock band “One Night Only”.


Tomok invited fans to collaborate on the music video, design the album cover and propagate it to their “kakis”; a live tweetcast of Tomok’s journey helped fuel the fire.

Both Youth Radio & other TV stations got exclusive content to drive momentum. Tomok’s London experience was participated live by millions of youth via a portal.

The Grand Finale was Malaysia’s largest virtual megascreen concert held simultaneously across 4 cities viewed by 1.1 million via on-ground, TV, Radio and webcast.

Case 15 – Integrated Campaign


Buka Semangat reached #2 spot on the Malaysian charts.

The campaign reached 4.1 million youth, representing 95% of the intended Target.

Positive conversations around Coke increased by over 90%.

Optimism scores increased 21%, and weekly drinkers increased 56%.

19,000 youth sang and danced as one with Tomok in a touching show of national happiness!

Source: IPG Mediabrands,