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Clorets Targets the Young at Their Hang-Out Joints

Agency: Posterscope, the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency.

Client Brand: Clorets.


Aim the campaign at young people aged 18-29.

Deliver the proposition that Clorets is a refreshing product.

Insights / Strategy

Its common knowledge that young people love hanging out and partying at clubs.

Conversations usually shift to high gear and are at held at close proximity.

There is a risk that follows though – halitosis or bad breaths are not only a turn-off but can destroy reputations as well.

The strategy was therefore to advertise in the restroom where the young get to prep themselves up from time to time.

Clorets 2








The Execution

Posters carrying provocative messages to ensure visitors “check” their breath were placed at “strategic points” with the restroms of various hang-out joints. The tongue-in-cheek messages delivered the point to users of the restrooms.

Clorets 1








And to save the night, convenience stores in the vicinity were urged to carry Clorets to ensure that people can buy and pop their favorite breath freshener in an “emergency”.