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Celcom Entices Rival Customers via Mobile Ad Campaign

The Challenge2. Celcom

Celcom was planning to launch a new broadband promotion offering subscribers free anti-virus protection and access to unlimited music download service. The challenge was to ensure rival customers heard the sweet music too.

The Solution

Celcom identified that smartphone users of competitor networks as most likely to switch and InMobi committed to delivering these audiences at an agreed CPC rate. Ads were only served to users that fit the profile and Celcom only paid for those who indicated their interest in the promotion by clicking through.

To ensure the widest reach and optimum ad viewing, multiple ad sizes were used, and through real time tracking the campaign was continuously optimised to maximise result.

The Results

More than 3M impressions were served to smartphone users and the campaign delivered 8,000 more potential customers than targeted. Celcom said, “InMobi’s ability to laser-focus on potential customers allowed us to target rival networks and devices at the right moment – an efficient and effective channel in Celcom’s media mix