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Still Standing Strong with Brylcreem

Agency: OmnicomMediaGroup

Client Brand: Brylcreem


To demonstrate Brylcreem’s USP of “Still Standing Strong” in real life situations

OmnicomMediaGroup Brylcreem Fear Factor 2











  • Vigorous and action-type situation to be tested on Brylcreem for product believability
  • A special segment of the popular “Fear Factor” was planned to demonstrate Brylcreem’s USP
  • Participants were asked to take part in unique and special fear-factor style stunts
  • Participants had their hair styled before the stunt which was for a 5-minute duration.

OmnicomMediaGroup Brylcreem Fear Factor 1













  • The programme created tremendous media hype as the ‘first-ever’ international Reality-Challenge programme produced locally
  • Extensive coverage on press was given to this programme
  • The programme clearly demonstrated the brand’s equity of “Still Standing Strong”.

OmnicomMediaGroup Brylcreem Fear Factor 3