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DiGi’s Yellow Man in the Year of the Rabbit

The Challenge

What’s up with the Yellow Man? That’s the question everyone’s been asking. Malaysians miss his fun, lovable and charming ways.

YM 1

The short answer is, he’s still around. Hard at work, following people and keeping connections alive for DiGi users.

So for Chinese New Year, DiGi decided to give him a break and send him home for Chinese New Year – the most important time of the year for families.

The challenge for us at Naga DDB was to come out with a fresh way of presenting him to a target market that had grown quite used to him over the years.

We needed to surprise them all over again and show them a side of the Yellow Man they’d never seen before to re-invigorate their excitement for his antics.

The Idea

What? The Yellow Man has a family? Gerouttahere!

Yes, he does. Over the years, DiGi has actually featured many of Yellow Man’s family members in their TV commercials and roadshows. So we decided it might be a good time to get them all together and join them for a traditional family reunion. Or, in the case of the Yellow Man, a manic-filled, side-splitting, mayhem-inducing family reunion.

The Execution

First, we shot a family reunion video featuring several Yellow Men on their journey home. The highlight of the video was a holiday-themed song-and-dance, like the popular ones on Astro and RTM. The Yellow Men jiggled and romped to the tune of “I Will Follow You” in a loud Chinese New Year re-mix.

The Video

We also shot a print ad with a holiday greeting message from DiGi. The video was uploaded to YouTube and a contest was organised for bloggers to blog about the video. The prizes were collectors-item Yellow Man goodies. We also encouraged Facebook users to pass the

video on by either sending an e-card or by answering some simple questions about Yellow Man’s TV commercials.

Yellow Man Print
















The Results

Within 3 days, the video clocked over 94,000 views (to date it has over 145,000 views) with 90% ‘Likes’.

The video was also selected as one of the Top 10 Chinese New Year commercials for 2011 by Campaign Asia-Pacific – the only viral video on the list

Over 700 entries were received for the Facebook contest with many of them using the e-card facility.

It goes to show that a good idea with lots of fun for the consumers can go further than just a static newspaper ad and help stretch the marketing dollar a long way.


Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,