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BMW Makes a Beeline for the Affluent with a Busy Lifestyle

Agency: Posterscope, the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency.

Client Brand: BMW


To create awareness amongst affluent individuals about BMW’s superior features

Insights / Strategy

The target group manages a busy lifestyle and spends considerable time out-of-home; which includes entertaining business partners.

There is a high concentration of the target group in the vicinity of KLCC; and in close proximity was the popular Mandarin Oriental.

A collaboration was planned with the Mandarin Oriental to capitalize on unused space when a portion of the area surrounding the premises was under construction.

Something big and impactful had to be in the cards and the campaign coincided with BMW’s F1 Pit Lane Park event.

BMW Wallscape Hoarding 1

The Execution

A wall banner that stretched almost 1000 ft long was erected and it showcased various BMW features. The impact of the campaign was elevated due to the presence of staggering traffic.

The cost to the client brand was a fraction compared to a unipole in the vicinity.