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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Agency: IPG Mediabrands

Client Brand: Frisco


New generation moms are facing the challenge of what kind of moms they want to be.

They realize that the parenting styles used by their parents don’t work anymore.

They are torn between being too strict and being too liberal; and motherhood is one role which defines them and their family’s future.


Amy Chua’s hugely controversial bestseller – ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ brought parenting debate to the forefront. The book was generating enormous controversy and debate, and we felt it was the perfect time to bring the debate to Malaysian mommies.

So in the first-ever topical marketing campaign in Malaysia, Friso as a trusted partner in motherhood, sparked the debate in the social media realm surrounding the issue of Kiasu versus Wholesome Parenting.


Friso’s Facebook and Twitter was used as conversation holder. Quotes from the book, polls, questions, online articles and global comments were used to instigate conversations.

Mothers joined in numbers and roped-in their peers as well. Conversations swung from Tiger Mom to Panda Dad to Eagle Moms and brought out the challenges of parenthood which moms did not have the opportunity to discuss otherwise.

Banners across websites flashed opinions of mommies in real time just as they appeared on Facebook.

Case 4 – Topical Marketing


The campaign generated 11,000 quality interactions from mothers; and subsequently viralling to almost 4.1 million Malaysians.

The campaign was further amplified to 90% online mothers via banners.

Celebrity mommy-bloggers also joined the debate on Friso’s FB page sparking the viral further within the “Mom Network”.

Friso sales went up by a whopping 22%!

Source: IPG Mediabrands,