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Astro Insists on the Importance of Family Values Through Parent’s Day

The Challenge

Parents’ Day: A time when most brands take the opportunity to run special advertising or promotions to gain more traction. Advertising campaigns with emotional messages on ‘filial piety’ can be seen throughout the nation.

However, as Astro truly believes in family values and filial piety, we sought to reinforce the importance of Parents’ Day. In light of the clutter in mass media, we had to be creative in our contact plan in order to stand out.

The Idea

On Parents’ Day, we wanted to go beyond just being known for entertainment. We wanted to be known for family values. We didn’t just want to say it. We wanted to show it. And so, we decided to create a ‘money can’t buy’ experience which demonstrated gratitude to parents who have sacrificed so much for their families.

Thus, we created the largest, for-parents-only, ‘Massage Marathon’. The hook? We sent 16 in-house artistes for a massage training course so they were well-equipped in giving the deserving parents a massage.

We also decided to form a strategic partnership with Eu Yan Sang – a brand well-known amongst the Chinese community for their association with family ties.Img3 (1)

The Execution

We launched print ads, with the message ‘Don’t just give your parents TV entertainment but also a fulfilling life’.

We then ran a series of pre-event promotions at selected Eu Yan Sang outlets where customers got the chance to meet the cast of ‘Great Day’ (Astro’s 2011 CNY movie that revolves around the theme of family ties and filial piety).

We also provided a booth with a limited-time-only offer, where people could sign-up or upgrade at a discounted rate.

On the day of the ‘Massage Marathon’, 16 of our ‘trained’ in-house artistes performed massages for parents who registered at the Astro booth.

The Results

With a different and friendlier approach to Parents’ Day, coupled with a unique on-ground experience and a great limited-time-only offer, Astro successfully caught the attention of many, which resulted in new sign-ups and upgrades.

The campaign has also improved perception towards Astro as one that is approachable and sincere in the things they do.

Source: David Mitchell, Naga DDB Insights,