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Every Day is a Great Day for Astro


It is not unusual to want to do better after a taste of success. Astro thought so too.AstroEveryday 2

2010s’ locally produced Chinese New Year movie Woohoo! garnered a massive box office collection of RM4.2million in 9 weeks.  Inspired by this achievement, Astro decided  to produce another local Chinese New Year movie this year. Great Day (Tian Tian Hao Tian) featured local media personalities from Astro and MY FM such as Jack Lim, Wan Wai Fun, Gan Jiang Han, Royce Tan and Vivian Tok.

Its purpose - to build affinity with the Chinese community by fostering social and family values.AstroEveryday 1
However, outshining Woohoo! while competing against other.

Chinese New Year movies from Hollywood, Hong Kong and Singapore, was a daunting challenge.


‘Tian Tian Hao Tian’ means ‘Every day is a great day’. As Chiu, the film director, explained, “No matter how bad the situation is, change your mindset and think positively.”

Our mission was to make ‘Tian Tian Hao Tian’ a popular catch phrase and encourage this positive mindset amongst our Chinese audience, especially young adults.

They had been so preoccupied with materialistic gain that loved ones were often neglected. That’s why we incorporated “Treasure your family every day, so that every day is a Great Day” into our message.


To create hype prior to the movie release, teaser ads were created. It introduced the main characters and their relationships. This was followed by a launch ad on the day of the premiere. Building on the momentum, Naga DDB created a series of ads featuring movie characters and ordinary individuals.

Astro Everyday 9

Each ad contained a post-it note with a handwritten message stating what a great day would mean to that person. Every message started with ‘My great day is…’. In ensuring full media coverage, the ads were brought to life through print, radio, cinema, outdoor, trade, online and roadshows. Movie merchandise was also distributed to movie-goers and Astro customers. All materials signed off with ‘Astro wishes you a great day’.

Astro Everyday 1


On the 13th of January 2011, Great Day premiered in 60 cinemas across the country and garnered a record-breaking RM6.5 million within 6 weeks.

To say the least, every day is now a great day for Astro!

Other achievements:
_58,000 Facebook fans
_55,000 page views on official movie blog
_208,000 views of movie trailer on YouTube
_81,000 mentions on social networks and blogs in Malaysia alone.

Movie  Box Office (RM)
 1. Green Hornet (Hollywood)  9.8million
 2. All’s Well End’s Well (HK)  7million
 4. I Love Hong Kong (HK)  6.7million
 5. New Shaolin Temple (HK)  6.7million
 6. Great Day  6.5million
 7. Homecoming (Singapore)  4million
 8. Mr. & Mrs. Incredible (HK)  3.5million
 9. What Women Want (HK)  1.7million


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