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American Airlines Tweaks Their System to Channel More Relevant Emails

American Airlines’ Net SAAver program promotes flight deals and lowest fares available for last-minute air travel. Customers who sign up for Net SAAver e-mails are notified of these discounted fares as soon as they come out.AA Net 1

In an effort to improve the e-mail program’s performance, American decided to do some customer research. Feedback showed that customers felt that using the sales city (the city from which the customer last booked a flight) as the point of origin to publish the sale fares was not relevant. Customers would rather receive fares originating in their home airport.

Relevance is in the Air

To make the e-mails more relevant, e-Dialog added logic to the existing Net SAAver grid functionality giving Home Airport values priority over Sales City values. Up to 10 fares from the home airport could now be included in the e-mail. Additionally, e-Dialog incorporated de-duping logic to allow for even more fare recommendations.AA Net 2

This logic matched the To Airport value to all primary and secondary fares, and would only return one fare based on the priority set in the fare grid. Eliminating duplications cuts down on customer confusion and frustration, and provides more real estate to showcase additional destinations.

A Smooth Landing

After implementing the redesigned logic, American NetSAAver saw an immediate improvement in campaign performance with unique click rates more than tripling in a three-month period. To continually improve the program’s performance, e-Dialog and American Airlines are exploring the use of subject line testing and content/call-to-action testing.

The redesigned NetSaaver template provides customers with more relevant fares and information by using Home Airport as the point of origin and eliminating duplicate deals.


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