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A New Coat of Paint to Welcome Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Agency: Roar Point

Client Brand: Jotun

Category: Paint

The Challenge

Festive period is always a peak period for a lot of product categories. This is no different for the paint category especially when consumers look to freshen up their homes with a new coat of paint to welcome Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Jotun needed to ensure that the sales increases besides getting the trade and consumer excited about the brand. Something needed to be done during this peak period especially with mounting challenges from an increased number of active brands in the country.

Additionally, almost all paint brands would have some form of activity be it price-off, contest, or trade discounts going on during this period. Standing out from this noise and excitement was crucial.

Something exciting – to gather interest and simple – to garner participation needed to be executed.

Competitors were offering huge amount of rewards over a long period of time. With smaller amount, Jotun took an “early bird” approach: Start early and bang on high frequency on media to promote the campaign.

In conventional campaign, goodies meant for end users will only reach to the intended users in a long period of time. Additionally, the company has very little control over the trade partners’ practice in giving benefits to the customers; as a result the objective of the campaign is difficult to reach though heavy investment is put in.

Strategic Solution

A two-tier contest that rewards the consumers as well as the trade is executed. This ensures that the trade is equally excited about the contest. To ensure better participation, research was conducted amongst a select group of loyal consumers. It was deemed that cash prizes were best and in addition, a low cost of entry into the contest.

Contest mechanics was made easy, consumers only needed to purchase a 5-Litre can of Jotun Premium Paints to enter this Contest.

The trade was rewarded when the consumers enter their contest entries.

An integrated campaign that included the mainstream newspapers, radio & website and aggressive trade support with more than 90% trade participation was executed.


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For the duration of the campaign that lasted 8 weeks, contest entries surpassed sales objectives. The contest received more than 50,000 entries which is 35% over the projected target.

Source: Long Yun Siang,