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Cadbury Goes All Out to Spread Joy

Agency: Posterscope, the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency.

Client Brand: Cadbury


Find an appropriate platform for Cadbury to spread joy.

Target audience: Families with young kids

Insights / Strategy

Cadbury has a fleet of big trucks that serves their supply chain efficiently.Cadbury 1

The idea was to “brand” selected trucks so they become a giant moving  billboard

A mobile truck event designed to spread joy was planned. This was held in conjunction with Malaysia turning 50 years old.

The Execution

Pit stops were planned at key shopping complexes frequented by families with young kids.

Numerous engaging activities were held; and the mix included clowns , colouring contests, balloons, sampling etc.

A giant greeting card congratulated Malaysia on her 50th birthday. The public was invited to sign the card – which was fully signed within the first hour in the first location.

Cadbury 2